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A new year calls for new and improved locksmith and security solutions. When it comes to security you can never be too careful. Finding locksmiths in London can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what type of security locks you need. There are so many locksmithing options, but everyone’s specific needs are different.

Here are some of the most powerful solutions guaranteed to mitigate the risk of people breaking into your home:


Deadbolt locks are not only physically tough for somebody to break into, but they’re a psychological deterrent that lets burglars know that you’re prepared for any sort of break-in. With emerging locksmithing and security technology, they’re not the most glamorous option but they’re trusted, easy-to-use, and synonymous with safety.

Smart Doorbells and Alarms

Smart doorbells are emerging on the scene as one of the most capable devices in home security solutions. They have multiple features that allow home-owners peace of mind while home or away. Basic smart doorbells contain a camera with the ability to access a live feed via an application. If you’d like something a bit more intuitive try the latest smart doorbells where you can speak through the application and even open the door right from your mobile device or laptop.

Additionally, if you’d like to outfit your home with alarms they can be quite useful in case somebody actually breaks through one of your locks. Alarm systems can be controlled right from your smartphone nowadays and serve as a useful deterrent for neighborhood crime.

Try a new system, put a sign down in your yard, and let burglars bypass your home because of the obvious risk of sounding an alarm.

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks are another form of security where you have more control and flexibility. These extra strong locks can’t be forced, picked, or pried like traditional bolt locks. They’re also quite durable as they don’t have any moving parts. The test of time doesn’t wear down magnetic locks like it does traditional ones.

Additionally, they can be controlled by a phone application or a buzzer that releases the electromagnetic connection. Locksmiths around London can easily install an armature plate and magnet, but an electrician might need to connect the system to the building’s electrical network.

When security is imperative but you need added flexibility magnetic locks are a perfect choice.

Final Words on Locksmithing Solutions for 2020

Whether you need hyper-advanced solutions like video-surveillance and smart lock technology or a business-driven system with electromagnetic locks. There’s innovated solutions around every corner that allow you to buzz certain people in, speak through your doorbell, or even control the system at the touch of a button. Some prefer locksmithing solutions that are simple like deadbolts and regular door locks.

Don’t wait any longer to update the locks you have on your home, install one of these systems, or get advice from our team at Locksmith London. We’re here to help and provide you the best security solutions on the market, call us today!

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